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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment Results

Proficient Reading: 27% | Distinguished Reading: 39% | Proficient Math: 48% | Distinguished Math: 21%

SBDM Council



2022-2023 Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council Members

Chair: Shannon Dick

Teacher Representatives: Jennifer Campbell, Natasha Thomas, Shannon Wells

Parent Representatives: Angie Lamb and Marissa Lay

What is a Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council? The SBDM council is responsible for providing guidance and governance over many aspects of the school. The council is comprised of the principal, three teacher representatives, and two parent representatives. 

When and where are SBDM meetings held? At the first meeting of the year, the council set the regular meeting dates for the third Thursday of each month in the schools' conference room at 3:45. Members of the public are invited to attend SBDM meetings.